Everything you Need to Know About NOFAP

Everything you Need to Know About NOFAP

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2.What Is No FAP

3.Is NoFAP promoting Any religion.

4.Is NoFAP Anti-Masturbation Website/Community

5.Are they Opposing Sex

6. It’s for only men or both.

7.Modes Of NoFAP.


NoFAP a concept that has grown like fire you will find several videos and articles on the internet that are speaking about nofap some of them are positive and some of them are negative.

So a viewer we are getting confused at least I was getting confused so I started digging into it and understood what this nofap is all about.

As a result, you will get all information related to nofap, and are there any studies that back this nofap.

What Is NoFAP

Nofap started on 20 June 2011 on the Reddit forum it was just started with a set of people later it has grown as a community now some 848k people joined nofap on Reddit Forum.

The Name “NoFap” from the term “fap,” which originated in manga comics as an onomatopoeia representing the sound of masturbation.

NoFap website claims that they support people to quit porn on scientific studies, they offer group and individual support to quit porn.

This website asks people to quit porn while masturbating.

Is NoFAP Anti-Masturbation Website/Community

As it has been mentioned on the NoFap website that NoFap is not a community is just a website that supports quitting porn.

On their website, they have mentioned they are not anti-masturbation they want to quit watching porn.

NoFap says to do some days NoFap, people are doing 90 days or 60 days of NoFap.

Are they Opposing Sex

No, a big now they are not opposing sex as they claim on their website NoFap is just a website that wants to remove porn from our life.

It’s for only men or both

It has been a misconception about NoFap is about just men, not females NoFap can be done by both males and females it’s homogenous.

All genders, races, backgrounds, and beliefs can do NoFap.

And NoFap community also consists of all of them on their forum.

Modes Of NoFAP.

This is what I got on their Reddit forum it’s not present on their website.


In this mode, you are not allowed to watch porn, this phase is usually used to overcome porn addiction and to be prepared to start the harder challenges.


Is to abstain from (Masturbation, porn, and orgasm) most users will continue to have sex on that mode.


Where it is the total abstaining from sexual activities (masturbation, porn, sex, and orgasm). It is more challenging for many of us but still so many do it and it has great benefits.


It is the ultimate challenge. To be on monk mode you have to stay away from (Sex, masturbation, orgasm, porn, social media, looking at girls, and even sexual thoughts).

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